How Mobile Sites Increases Sales

The mobile revolution is happening with over 50% of local searches on a mobile phone. A phone user searches for a local business on their phone because they are ready to buy now.

They look up your business on their phone to get your phone number, directions and quick access to your products or services. Whenever a potential customer sees a cluttered and confusing desktop site on their phone (see below), stress levels starts to rise.

Desktop Sites Don’t Work on Phones



Keep your old site for those searching on a computer. It’s not created for a two inch wide screen on a phone.

A mobile site is for action takers that call or want directions. Isn’t this your ideal searcher anyway? So wouldn’t it make sense for you to make it easy for them to take action?

Desktop sites are for browsing and don’t encourage the user to call or visit you. They are slow to load on mobile phones without the same internet connection as phones. The font is small. They have to move around with their fingers back and forth. Their is no real call-to-action. If they do find your phone number they have to memorize it or memorize your directions.

Designed for Immediate Action to Call or Visit You



A phone searcher is simple. They want quick and general information. Then call you or visit your location.

A mobile website features quick access to what your customers are looking for.

One Tap Ability to Call You.

Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you by displaying a Tap-to- Call button.  A large button on your mobile site enables anyone to simply tab a button, and then instantly your number is on their screen screen and calling you.

Map & Directions.

Similar to the Tap-to-Call offering a Map & Directions button is a great way to ensure that customers can get to your location easily. When visitor taps on this button, they can view a map with your business location. With the GPS built into their phones, they will be presented with turn-by-turn directions to quickly arrive at your business from their current location.

Thumb-Friendly Buttons

A mobile website should work just like the phone you are used to. All menu items should be clickable without zooming. All clickable targets are touch-friendly.

Get New and Repeat Business with SMS Marketing



An excellent and inexpensive addition to a mobile site is to reach your customers with text messages.  These are your customers, keep a list and keep them coming back. And text messages have a 95% read rate.

Slow Day Marketing

Having a slow day? Send out a text msg with a special offer. Have a busy day like Pizza during football on Sunday then send out a reminder to order before the game and get half off during the week on Tuesday. Have a Salon with cancellations send out a special one day promo. If you have a local business we have ideas to discuss with you to bring in business on a slow day.

Coupon Offers and Event Promotions

Have a sale coming up? Have a new promotion going on? Have a special you would like to announce? Send it out to members of your VIP club. It is not unusual to have a 7-10% redemption on coupon offers. Timing is important too. Sending out a text at the right time will increase results by an additional 15%. We are here to help by managing the campaigns for our clients for them.

Remind Customers of Appointments

Be confident your clients don’t miss an appointment. Send out a msg to remind a customer of their upcoming appointment and be sure it is read.

Text Marketing is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Send Your Marketing Msg

2. Customer Recieves the Message (read 95% of the time in just minutes)

3. Customer Takes Action

OK, there is actually a 4th step, you having to go to the bank more often to make bigger deposits!

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